What is SEO

Posted: 11th August 2012 by Kunal in SEO
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SEO which means search engine optimization is the technique of improving the ranking or visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine. Let me explain this way, When you enter a keyword or search for something in a search engine and hit enter, you see thousands or millions of results based on the search keyword. People normally click on any of the link appearing on the first page as no one has so much of time to go through those number of pages. So if the question arises in your mind why and how a particular website is ranking high on search engine then you should know it’s because of the planned marketing technique known as Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps in improving and increasing the ranking of website higher in search engines which helps in increasing the traffic on the web page. Search engines have their own algorithm and parameters based on which the ranking is decided. Search engines crawl the Web and recognize the site based on the text or content, which decides their ranking.
What Search Engines look for. Few things Search engines see and few they don’t. When search engines crawl the Website they see what is there and there are few things that hey do not see like images, Flash movies, JavaScript, frames, password-protected pages and directories. This activity is performed by the software known as crawlers or spiders. Spiders follow links from one page to another and index everything they find on their way. As we know that there are more than 45 billion pages on the web, so it becomes pretty difficult for the crawlers to to visit the site daily to keep a track of the new page has been added or if any modification has been made to the existing page. So it may take crawlers to visit after couple of months or more.
So if you have too many non seen objects on your site then it is recommended to get it off. If they are not seen, they will not be spidered, not indexed, not processed, so they will remain non-existent and will not be indexed by search engines.

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