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By Kunal
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In this world of globalization every one wants the presence of their business World Wide Web. All business owners be it small or large wants to be on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. As Google being the top search engine, which covers 65-70% of total searches around the world is favorite of all. To exploit this race of being found on page 1 of Google, many companies have emerged in recent past who claims to offer the best seo services, which has given rise to cheap competition among different companies. Many companies just entered into this business because they wanted to utilize this opportunity though they hardly have any basic SEO knowledge. Result being the clients have to invest a lot of money and time and at the end of 6 months or an year, what they get, they get nothing except frustration and loss of business and don’t know what exactly to do. As they already had spent so much of money that they lose their trust in any other SEO consultants. The minimum a client spends in 6 months of time is from $500 to $1000. After spending this amount if they don’t see the traffic and conversion, then definitely there is an issue.
Business owners don’t have an idea how it will work, they just believe in the company and wait for the results, which is what they expect. It’s the responsibility of the service provider to educate the client, to keep him informed about the regular progress, even though he doesn’t know the ABC of Internet Marketing. They will feel part of this campaign and slowly and gradually they will start taking interest in what is being offered, what is being done and what is being accomplished. After all it’s their business and if they take interest and come up with question, the service provider also likes the engagement of the client which motivate him to give the best result. All business owners may not have time to get engaged, so the service provider should not relax thinking that the owner is not taking any interest, he should work towards the achievement of the expected goal to help clients in achieving the success in their business.


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