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Recently I was working and doing a research on Companies offering LIMOUSINE SERVICES. I was really surprised when I got to know the amount  every Limousines Business owners had to pay to different advertising company and to my uttermost surprise in 30 % of the cases they even don’t own their website or their domain names. They pay a monthly rent to the domain owners who set up their website and put the phone and contact us form. Those company charge starting from $1000 to $5000 every month. This is just the rental and it does not include and SEO or Social Media promotion or any kind of advertising through Google or Bing. So this domain industry is so manipulated that 100s of premium domain names are owned by a single company. Those companies don’t sell those domain names as those are the keyword specific domain names which has very high organic search, so they make huge money by just renting the domain names. If you have to buy those domain names, you can’t even imagine of the pricing that  they are going to ask which will almost be impossible as when I talked to a company they asked me to pay $100,000 just for the domain. They must be kidding I guess.
So let me tell you what I have for the Limousines business owners. I have a premium domain with a fully functional website. It’s a great opportunity for all the business owners who are into Limousine business and planning  to buy the Premium Domain for their  Limousines business. The domain is . LIMO SERVICES FOR PROM is a premium domain which has organically very high search volume in Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Once you buy this Premium Domain, I will set up your Facebook Business page, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest Profile and will work on these Social Media for a month to increase your influence. Below are the figures that you will see in a month (within 30 days from your purchase) :

  1. Facebook : 500 Likes on your business page.
  2. Twitter: 500 Followers
  3. Twitter: 500 Retweets of the most important keywords & Tweets which will have  our website address which will get you the  backlinks
  4. Twitter: 500 Favorite tweets which will have our keywords with the website address.
  5. Twitter: 500 tweets of your Limousine business by 500 different people on their profile with your website address .
    These are the few reasons Why you should buy this Premium Domain as You will be the owner of this website and domain name. You will have the Website Admin Access to make changes or add the content whenever you want.

So contact me to buy this working Premium Domain Limo Services For Prom before it is bought by one of your competitors.

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