Pinterest, the 3rd most popular social media

Posted: 16th April 2012 by Kunal in Social Media
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What people do on Facebook, share images. What they do Pinterest, same thing share and uplaod images and speak through the images. It has become so popular among women customers that in March Pinterest had 104 million total vistors, which made  Pinterest the third most popular social media platform behind Twitter and Facebook.

Women are almost completely responsible for Pinterest’s success and 97% of the users are women. They trust recommendations  from Pinterest more than any other platform in comparison to Facebook and Twitter.It’s simple, Because women trust other women in their circles more than anyone else. As a result, 47 percent of women bought something based off a recommendation from Pinterest where as only 33 percent bought because of a recommendation on Facebook.

It’s really not surprising that followers have grown overnight. Many products are getting more exposure than they got on Facebook and Twitter.

It may not be a surprise to Facebook as they might have knew this that is the reason they bought Instagram for $1 Billion as they know Facebook can make best use of this Application and picture sharing will be more fun on Facebook. After the acquisition people were saying the users will drop, but it creased to 40 million users from 30 million in just 1o days after the acquisition. So it’s not a surprise. More surprise is yet to come.

To see the animated view of Instagram, What it is. Please Click Here


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