Pinterest, the 3rd most popular social media

Posted: 16th April 2012 by Kunal in Social Media
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What people do on Facebook, share images. What they do Pinterest, same thing share and uplaod images and speak through the images. It has become so popular among women customers that in March Pinterest had 104 million total vistors, which made  Pinterest the third most popular social media platform behind Twitter and Facebook.

Women are almost completely responsible for Pinterest’s success and 97% of the users are women. They trust recommendations  from Pinterest more than any other platform in comparison to Facebook and Twitter.It’s simple, Because women trust other women in their circles more than anyone else. As a result, 47 percent of women bought something based off a recommendation from Pinterest where as only 33 percent bought because of a recommendation on Facebook.

It’s really not surprising that followers have grown overnight. Many products are getting more exposure than they got on Facebook and Twitter.

It may not be a surprise to Facebook as they might have knew this that is the reason they bought Instagram for $1 Billion as they know Facebook can make best use of this Application and picture sharing will be more fun on Facebook. After the acquisition people were saying the users will drop, but it creased to 40 million users from 30 million in just 1o days after the acquisition. So it’s not a surprise. More surprise is yet to come.

To see the animated view of Instagram, What it is. Please Click Here


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Time Never Comes Back

Posted: 8th February 2011 by Kunal in Life...


Time ….the moment you start realizing that you had spent so many years of your life, thoughts start pouring in your mind…and you start thinking that really time passed by very soon and sometimes you do feel as if this is the all about yesterday only..But anyways no one has any control over it..Sometimes you plan and in planning you spent your whole life and then one day you realize what you achieved..and you have the answer in your heart. as there is always a gap in the cup and the lip.No doubt the childhood days are the best days and hard to forget by most of the individual in this world where we spent the time with our family members, relatives and our friends, sharing everything without any sin in our heart,sharing each and every moment and making those moments memorable for everyone,,then time passes by on its own pace..nd a day comes when all of us in a family like brothers and sisters are all in a different city, getting into the race of achieving their goal or destiny, trying to prove themselves by achieving those goals which they saw in their childhood…which they dreamt of and during the course of achieving those goals we do meet some of them at some place and we are really glad to meet them and ourjoy knows no bounce and finally they have to leave and that time it really hurts and feels a lot as we want to spend most of our time with nothing could be more important as they are,the departure hurts.. the separation leaves a long lasting the time spent together never comes back..hope fully you can always expect for better as that’s what we can leave up with..and we don’t know also when we will meet again in this world…and you may find many people now a days who are very successful and works
all day..if you ask them oh great so u got everything that you want..gud.and when u ask whom do you love most..prompt reply..of course my family..which includes my wife and children.
feels good to the ears who listen to those when asked whom are you earning for.of course for them..comes the instant reply.and how much time you spend with them..then he stats looking for the answer..and finally realize he hardly spends few hours with them in a week as when he leaves for the office they are gone for schooling or for some or the other work and when he comes back he finds all of then really was a difficult question to whom he love more than anything ;;-his family, Whom he earns for :- his family., and for whom hedoes not have time:- again his family…
                                                                  I would like here to put my two cents in as I don’t hesitate to pull any punches and i really don’t want to be away from my loved ones…I want to be with them..spend eachand every moment of my life enjoying and rejoicing their lives and making them happy in each and every possible family,few best friends very important in my life.
so I want to be with them..this loneliness sometimes is so killing..want to share the journey so far..want to pull their legs..crack funny or unfunny jokes on each other..and finally and finally being with them….That’s what I thing most of you want..Righto…..:-) I know it is..

Emotions in Love

Posted: 5th January 2011 by Kunal in Emotions & Love

Yaden yaad aati hain,                                                                              

Ye Yaden kisi dilojanam ke chale jane ke bad ati hain…..

Reminds me of someone very beautiful and innocent…….

memories are really beautiful,but they bring pain…

reminds me of someone very important in my life, but at the same time it makes you realize that, she won’t be there to hold you anymore when you will fall..So dude wake up..What if the meemories leave you only with your memories and the loneliness..does not give you a chance to add mosome more sweetness to your unforgettable’s just because someone better than her must be waiting for you to enrich your life with lifetime happiness she won’t leave you with your memories, but will be there in all walks of life and in all phases of life ..telling you and making you feel yes you will be there to hold me when I will be there to share my happiness and will walk me through in my bad times holding my hands firmly… As you get into the memories of past when your beloved darling is not with you or you are really sad about something ..What if your beloved darling will fulfill each and every moment of your life with everlasting,unforgettable sweet, tender love and everyday she will leave you wondering in her thoughts of next splendid, arrogant, though and exotic, the thought of which will be enough for you to heal all your wounds and get u back to the track. I understand these but WHAT IF my heart doesn’t want better then what I HAD…What if it likes getting into the memories of past where my heart only looks for her…What if he thinks all the pain is worth her single cute loving smile..What if he will keep on chasing her thinking this is the endless journey of his life which will be over when, even she turns around…..looks at him..comes closer to him..leaving no space between…and kisses him for hours…as she too finds kissing d best way to express her feelings..and this is the illusion he doesn’t want to come over..What if she made some silly decisions in her will she learn to distinguish between the evil and the will she know that everything doesn’t seem the ways as  we look at them..Misakes everyone does…and What if he tends to pretend that he he is pretty happy and doesn’t want to get into all these shit again..but she doesn’t know how weak he is from inside and ho tired he is of the plastic and untrue happiness..but what if he doesn’t want to get into the reality and is happy in his own virtual world and doesn’t want to come out of it..What if he loves her more than his lilfe and will keep on loving her the same way his entire life….What if he never prays nor wishes 4 anything,but whenever he does ..prays for her happiness and wishes every wish of her to be fulfilled, Without realising there could not be any space left 4 him..What if his heart is ready to accept her even if she keeps on making these What if THis if has no end…as I am typing this at 3 in the morning on my way to Chandigarh and i don’t care if u don’t give a sh…t to this..So lets cheers on the name of virtuality….so Bahaut drama ho gaya aaj ke liye…Will be continued…



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