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My Website is dedicated to sharing some proven sources of key web Internet & Online marketing information that I have experienced in the last few years. While I am in SEO, research and has to coordinate with my  client’s Internet projects, I do understand the need for you to find resourceful and valuable Internet Marketing and […]

Time Never Comes Back

Posted: 8th February 2011 by Kunal in Life...

…   Time ….the moment you start realizing that you had spent so many years of your life, thoughts start pouring in your mind…and you start thinking that really time passed by very soon and sometimes you do feel as if this is the all about yesterday only..But anyways no one has any control over […]

Emotions in Love

Posted: 5th January 2011 by Kunal in Emotions & Love

… Yaden yaad aati hain,                                                                               Ye Yaden kisi dilojanam ke chale jane ke bad ati hain….. Reminds me of someone very beautiful and innocent……. memories are really beautiful,but they bring pain… reminds me of someone very important in my life, but at the same time it makes you realize that, she won’t be there to […]


Posted: 5th January 2011 by Kunal in Biography
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…   Hi, Welcome to my site.I am Kunal, born on 1st January 1985.I am an MCSE certified along with a Certification in Advanced Networking and holds the certification of RHCT. Presently I am working as a Webmaster in a great project of Riaenjolie and have and have learnt SEO Technics and can optimize any […]